What is harmody?

With the tinnitus app harmody you can listen to your favourite music in harmony with your tinnitus. Songs are automatically adjusted according to your tinnitus tone. The tinnitus frequency is embedded in the harmonic structure of the music and therefore the perception of your tinnitus is reduced noticeably.

harmody roadmap


2013 - 2017 | Research and Prototype

Development of a prototype as a result of an interdisciplinary research project at the faculty of human-computer-interaction at the TU Dresden.

09 - 2020 | Begin of clinical trial

Currently a clinical study that evaluates the tinnitus-harmonization with apr. 100 patients is being conducted at the TU Dresden. (results pending)

03 - 2021 | Grant of EU Patent

„Method and Device for Automated Harmonization of Digital Audio Signals"

11 - 2022 | Launch as a medical app

Available in AppStore and Google PlayStore as a CE-registrated medical product.

How harmody can help you to cope with your tinnitus…

Harmody as medical application

Since November 2022 harmody is available for download in App- and PlayStore as a (CE) – registered medical product. Currently we are trying to establish cooperation with health care providers regarding supply and reimbursement for our users.


Harmody is suitable for anyone suffering from tonal tinnitus. The app’s interface is structured simplistic and can be used by anyone without prior knowledge.

Age, gender, identity or origin do not matter – as in real life.

The tinnitus app is particularly suitable for those who are looking for more concentration, focus or relaxation while listening to music. The app is also suitable for people with hearing impairments or hearing loss, as long as music can still be heard in at least one ear.

music player, tinnitus tone finder, diary

Harmony is a music player with all the features known from other applications of this type..By automatically harmonizing the music, there is no need to turn up the volume to play around and defocus the tinnitus.

The natural sound quality and the harmony references in the title are preserved as best as possible.

Importiere deine MP3s aus einer Vielzahl von Quellen und stelle deine Lieblings-Playlisten zusammen.

Import your MP3s from a variety of sources and create your favorite playlists. There is also the Tonfinder, which can be used to determine your own tinnitus frequency. Set tones can be saved, commented on and reloaded later if you are unsure or if your tinnitus changes over time. When your frequency is set, the app can be used like a normal player. Our harmonization algorithm automatically adjusts the music in real-time.

With the diary, you can document your tinnitus stress before, during and after listening to music. In addition, general entries on the current stress level in the diary can be commented on and saved in order to document other positive or negative influencing factors. This way you can keep an eye on how and by what means your tinnitus is changing.

Just you and your mobile device.

Harmody is an app for iOS (from version 12.0) and Android (from version 6.0). The app works on the basis of an integrated audio engine and does not require any additional devices apart from a relatively recent iPhone/ smartphone or iPad/ tablet. To find your tinnitus sound in the sound finder, we recommend using headphones. Listening to music with Harmony also works via your connected stereo system, the soundbar or the car radio.

For maximum listening pleasure, the use of headphones can of course provide additional silence.

Musik hören mit Harmody funktioniert auch über deine gekoppelte Stereo-Anlage, die Soundbar oder das Auto-Radio. Für maximalen Hörgenuss kann natürlich die Verwendung von Kopfhörern für zusätzliche Ruhe sorgen.

The EU regulates the conditions under which products with a medical purpose may be placed on the market. This serves to protect the patient and is intended, for example, to ensure that products are effective and do not involve any disproportionate risks. Manufacturers are required to place the CE mark on their products to show that their products meet applicable safety and performance requirements.

We, Tech & Life Solutions GmbH, have developed our App Harmony taking into account the applicable standards for quality management as well as for the processes of risk management, software life cycle and usability and are responsible for supporting the app accordingly. Harmody is a risk class I medical device according to the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) European regulation for medical devices.

The only known side effect is relaxation.

Harmody plays music and adjusts the harmonies of the music to your tinnitus.The natural sound is preserved and the volume does not have to be increased to achieve an effect.We are currently not aware of any negative side effects from listening to music with Harmody.

Finding your frequency in the tone finder can be challenging. Don’t pressure yourself into finding your tinnitus tone. Better save and take a break if you’re unsure.

Folgende Varianten stehen für dich im App-Store und Play-Store zur Auswahl:

Free version 

  • advertisement-free, no registration necessary

  • tone-finder

  • music demo for individual harmonization

unlimited use of harmody

  • play your favourite music, harmonized to your tinnitus tone

  • save and manage your tinnitus frequencies

  • keep an eye on your tinnitus burden with the diary

  • to get started: 1 month for 29,49 €

  • quarterly: 3 months for 79,99 €

  • saving throughout the year: 12 months for 284,99 €

Flexible with minute-packages

  • 600 minutes play-time 5,99 €

  • 300 minutes play-time 3,49 €

  • 120 minutes play-time 2,49 €

  • 30 minutes play-time 1,19 €

As a manufacturer of medical devices, we develop our app strictly according to specified regulations and of course also monitor the quality after the launch to ensure the best possible security – both for your health and your data.

We keep the app up to date and are constantly expanding it in order to offer you and all those affected an even better experience and the best possible help in the future.

Take control over your tinnitus and stay in contact with us.

If you want to stay informed about the current state of development regarding harmody, further updates and new features or if you are interested in testing upcoming versions of the app, feel free to sign up for our newsletter or subscribe to harmody on social media.