harmody user manual


01 Login

Tap here to log in with your existing account data (e-mail, password and login pin).

02 Register

Tap here to create a new account.

03 Login anonymously

Tap here to try the app without registration. Please note that you are only entitled to a limited scope of use.


Anonymous user

The following functions can be tried out free of charge:

• Tone finder to determine your individual tinnitus frequency
• Music player with a small selection of music, which is adapted to your tinnitus tone.
• 60 minutes of music listening time
• One entry in the tinnitus diary

Registered user

Newly registered users can use Harmony for one week free of charge and try out and use it in full with all functions.

Payment options:
• first week free
• Then bookable as minute, monthly, three-month and annual packages
• Load and play unlimited music, including streaming


01 Profile

Tap here to go to your profile.

02 Help

Tap here to go to the explanations of the app and the video tutorials.

03 Settings

Tap here to go to the settings.

04 Currently booked options

Here you can see your current harmody package.

05 Current tinnitus tone

Here you can see your current tinnitus tone.

06 Diary entry

View your latest diary entry.


01 Music Player functions

  • Scroll bar with display of song length
  • Shuffle button (random playback of the playlist)
  • Back button: Plays previous track
  • Play/Pause button: Plays music or pauses the music playback
  • Forward button: Plays next track
  • Repeat button: Repeats the playlist after the end or repeats the title

02 Playlist

Create, edit or delete personal playlists and set the active playlist with the playlist menu.

03 Library

With the library you can load and manage your music files.

04 Streaming

Access to streaming via SoundCloud.


01 Back

Tap here to return to the music player.

02 Play

Tap here to play the complete playlist.

03 Song

Tap here to add a new song from your library or from your device.

04 Selection

Here you can switch between your playlists.

05 Favourites playlist

This list is empty and fills up generically, when you add a heart to songs in the music catalogue.

06 New playlist

Tap here to create a new playlist.

07 Empty

Tap here to clear your current playlist.

08 Song display

  • Details of the song in your playlist
  • Display of cover, title and artist
  • Tap and hold to change the order in the playlist


01 Back

Tap here to return to the music player.

02 Menu

Tap here to open the music catalogue:

  • Sort your music tracks by album, genre, artist or ″last imported″.
  • In the music catalogue you can add songs from the device or from the online music catalogue.

03 Song view

  • Details of the song from your playlist
  • View the cover, title and artist.
  • Tap PLUS to add the song to your playlist.
  • Tap BIN to delete the song from your library. This removes the song from all playlists.

04 Search

Tap here to search for a specific song, album or genre.


Step 01

Tap on the online music catalogue in the menu.

Step 02

Tap on ″Select″ to select music titles from the online music catalogue (up to 20 titles, unlimited with a subscription).

Step 03

  • Tap on ″Download″ to download one or more songs.
  • Online Music Catalogue is a selection of music titles we offer for our users, which will be updated and extended in the future.

Step 04

Tap on ″Back″ to return to the overview of all recently imported song titles.


01 Music Player functions

  • Progress bar with display of song length
  • Shuffle button (random playback of the playlist)
  • Back button: Plays previous track
  • Play/Pause button: Plays music or pauses the music playback
  • Forward button: Plays next track
  • Repeat button: Repeats the playlist after the end or repeats the title

02 Favorites

Here you can manage songs and playlists, that you’ve marked as “liked” on SoundCloud.

03 Search

Search for songs and playlists directly on SoundCloud.

04 MP3 Player

Here you get back to the music player, where you can find your previously stored music files,


01 Songs

Manage songs, that you already like on your SoundCloud profile.
You can search for a desired title by using the magnifying glass and/or by scrolling.

02 Playlists

Manage playlists, that you’ve marked as “like” on your SoundCloud profile.

03 Your own

Manage playlists, that you’ve created on your SoundCloud profile by yourself.

04 Search

Within the search field you can search for songs or playlists directly on SoundCloud.



In order to use the streaming functionality within harmody, you need a SoundCloud profile.

Do I need to pay extra to use SoundCloud?
While there are payed options, the basic registration and use of SoundCloud is free of charge.

When opening the streaming page in the harmody app for the first time you can login to your SoundCloud profile or register a new account. You will be redirected
to SoundCloud.

Simply enter your email adress and choose a password. Alternatively you can also use your Facebook, Apple or Google profile to register an account on SoundCloud.

After successful registration/login, you will get back to the harmody app. If it doesn‘t work immediately, please logout of www.soundcloud.com and restart the harmody app.


For a more comfortable use of the streaming functionality in harmody, we recommend to create a profile on www.soundcloud.com upfront. You can create and manage liked songs on playlists directly on SouncCloud. Your profile is synchronized automatically within the harmody app.

Please note that it is currently not possible to access music, which was uploaded to SoundCloud as Go+ content. Some freely available content may also be restricted and might not be loaded in the harmody app, depending on the uploader’s settings.


Determine and set your tinnitus frequency with the Tone Matching Tool. For better results we recommend the use of headphones. The set tinnitus frequency is saved

01 Bookmark

Tap here to store your tinnitus setting. Stored tones are transferred to the backend and can also be easily restored.

02 History

Tap here to display your stored tinnitus tones. You can also restore those tones here.

03 Help

Tap here to get a tutorial about the tone machting tool.

04 Tinnitus frequency

Here you can see your currently set tinnitus tone frequency. If you already know it, you can also enter the value directly.

05 Frequency determination

To determine your frequency, touch and drag the scale. As soon as you release the scale, the comparison tone stops and the frequency is stored.

06 Zoom

Tap here to zoom in or out on the tone scale for fine or coarse adjustment.

07 Organ sound

Tap here to switch between a single tone or a wide sound spectrum.

08 Hold

Activate ″Hold″ for the permanent playback of the comparison tone, even if you release the scale.

09 Stepwise frequency setting

Tap here for an alternative to change the frequency setting, shifting it in octave, semitone or 1/100 semitone steps.

10 Panning Slider

Adjust the sound balance of your headphones by moving the slider to the left or right.


With the diary you have the possibility to document the development of your tinnitus. There are various options for this:

01 History

Your diary entries are stored in the history.

The history can offer you additional support to better understand your tinnitus or to recognise which factors influence it.

02 Music session

Tap here to assess your tinnitus during a music session.

Before listening to music, start a session. Record, how your tinnitus is before, during and after listening to music.

03 Independent entry

Tap here to create an independent entry.
You can record external stressors and positive influences by using the comment function.


This user manual will help you to use the Harmody app correctly. Please read the information carefully and follow the instructions contained therein.

If you have any further questions, please contact the customer service of Tech & Life Solutions GmbH at support@tech-and-life.de during normal business hours via e-mail.

Product Description

Harmody is a medical device in the form of a digital application for the relief of acute discomfort caused by tonal tinnitus.
The product is intended for an acute relief of strain caused by tinnitus aurium (ICD-10 H93.1) and addresses such patients as users that are affected by tonal tinnitus. The product is implemented as software for mobile devices. Users can use it to recreate the musical pitch of their tinnitus via subjective sound comparison. Music of their choice, which patients play back with the app, is automatically analysed with regard to the frequency spectrum and played back in pitch in such a way that the individual tinnitus tone is accompanied by the music in the most harmonically appropriate way possible, so that the tinnitus tone is masked and defocused and thus temporarily alleviated in intensity.

Prerequisite for use

Mobile device with Internet access and one of the following operating systems:

• Android, version 6.0 or higher
• iOS, version 12.0 or higher

Intended Purpose

The product is intended for the acute relief of distress caused by tinnitus aurium (ICD-10 H93.1). The application is intended to achieve a temporary reduction in the intensity of tinnitus that is subjectively perceived by the patient. The product is a stand-alone software. It receives user input and outputs information that is displayed or played back by the operating system and device.
The patient can use the product to recreate the musical pitch of their tinnitus via subjective tone comparison, which is necessary at least once but may be repeated or corrected at any time.
It can be obtained as an app via stores in order to install it on smartphones or tablets and receive updates via the stores. The user performs the installation and uninstallation independently.


Harmody provides acute temporary relief of perceived tinnitus. A healing effect by frequent use is not proven.

User Groups

The product is intended for independent application by affected patients as users. The product addresses such patients as users who are affected by tonal tinnitus. The application basically requires that users are physically and mentally able to operate smartphone devices and apps and thus also to read text content. The product is intended for users who can listen to music acoustically via their device or paired accessories. The product assumes sufficient hearing ability to listen to music through at least one ear.

Appropriate age groups

Adults, 18 years and older.

Mode and Duration of Use

For optimal effectiveness, the manufacturer recommends use under headphones, in an environment with low noise levels, e.g. in living or rest rooms. Headphones with active noise reduction can be used beneficially. A relaxing environment without distractions is recommended. The patient is not told how often or for how long to listen to music that is tailored for him or her.

Application frequency

Harmody can be used at any time in case of acute need.


The application is restrictively intended only for the relief of tinnitus characterized as tonal. Efficacy is not warranted for tinnitus that is not described by the patient as a clearly distinct perceptible sound, but instead for example as broadband noise or rhythmic noise. The product has not been designed, developed or tested for patients affected by deafness or for cochlear implant users. There are no contraindications.
The product is intended only for temporary relief of ringing in the ears as a symptom. It does not represent a curative therapy and is not intended to replace one. However, an accompanying use of the product for tinnitus therapy is possible. The product is not intended to make or influence therapeutic decisions.

Side effects

When using the tone matching feature for the first time, the tinnitus may be temporarily perceived more strongly due to the concentration on the tinnitus. It is therefore recommended to restart the tone matching only after a sufficient break.


There are no known interactions with medications or other digital health applications.

How it works

Harmody is an audio player for music in any flavour. The integrated harmonization effect makes it easier to compensate for tinnitus in everyday life. While listening to music, the tinnitus noise becomes blurred and is lost in the euphony – even at a moderate volume.
Using the app, the individual tinnitus frequency is first narrowed down and determined using a reference tone with the tone matching function. Our patented algorithm analyses the musical nature of the desired piece of music, automatically adjusts its pitch and thus optimally harmonizes the music with the tinnitus tone. After that, any favourite music can be played. The sound quality and harmony of the music are preserved. For long-term monitoring of tinnitus exposure or relief, personal progress can be recorded in a diary.

In case of emergency

Harmody is not suitable for use in emergencies. In case of emergencies (e.g. deterioration of your health condition) contact your attending physician or psychotherapist immediately or dial the emergency numbers of ambulance service or police applicable for your country.

• Emergency call: 112
• Police: 110
• Pastoral care: 0800 111 0 111, 0800 111 0222, 116 123

If you do not reach anyone at the phone numbers provided or do not receive assistance, please check to see if the phone numbers may have changed.

In case of serious incidents

In the event of an unexpected serious incident related to the product, this should be reported to the manufacturer and, if appropriate, to the competent authority of the Member State in which the user and/or patient is established.

CE Marking

Harmody is a medical device of risk class I according to European Medical Device Regulation (MDR).


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Wilhelminenstr. 10
01099 Dresden
Support contact:

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