Tech & Life Solutions GmbH presents Harmody

The start-up Tech & Life Solutions GmbH was founded in May 2019 by Martin Spindler, Dr. Matthias Lippmann and Steven Mack.The spin-off was preceded by an interdisciplinary research project at the Technical University of Dresden, in which the operating principle was produced using a first prototype with promising results.

The start-up was founded with the aim of using these results to develop a tinnitus app that, as a medical device, will help to promote the health of affected people.The development of new connection innovations and the establishment of a small range of products and services are also conceivable.

Tech & Life Solutions GmbH currently consists of a seven-person team that is busy developing the app and the Harmody brand.

The Tech & Life Team

The current team comprising seven members introduces itself and would like to give you an insight into our motivation to work on and for Harmody.

Martin Spindler

CTO & Founder

I am driven to develop software that is a real help, e.g. for people with special needs. I get excited when I, as a computer scientist and amateur musician, can help to alleviate tinnitus with music. I really enjoy working with a great team to make this project a reality.

Dr. Matthias Lippmann

CEO & Founder

I find working in a start-up very exciting, because you always come into contact with new topics and can think outside the box of your own department.

Stephan Reichel

Software Developer

It pleases me that with work that is fun you can help a team to achieve their goals and at the same time provide help to people. The journey is the reward and on this journey the fingers fly over the keyboard.

Richard Schubert

Software Developer

I find it fascinating to be able to help people by an app alone. As a Masters student, I work from home with my dog Simba by my side. In my free time, I like to take part in GameJams, i.e. competitions for game developers.

Tech & Life Solutions GmbH


February 2022

Trademark registration harmody

March 2021

Winner of the inventor competition of the Saxon newspaper "Genial Sächsisch"
We are starting as a new, larger team and with our first start-up office in Dresden

December 2020

Seed funding

June 2019

Nominated for the FutureSax Founders' Prize in Saxony

May 2019

Founding of Tech & Life Solutions GmbH by Martin Spindler, Matthias Lippmann and Steven Mack


Technology start-up grant by Sächsische Aufbaubank SAB, funded by the BMWi

Oct 2018

TOP 10 businessplan competition medical economy proRuhrgebiet


SpinLab acceleration program (SpinLab – The HHL-Accelerator, Leipzig)


EXIST start-up grant with the mentorship of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weber, Institute for Applied Computer Science, TU Dresden.


Participation in the incubator program at dresden|exists (start-up network of the TU Dresden)

2013 bis 2017

Interdisciplinary research project at the chair for Human-Computer interaction at the Technical University of Dresden, emerging a first prototype for musical tinintus harmonization with promising results. First runs with test persons showed that the tinnitus stress was hardly noticed during the application. And after a fifteen-minute break, the perception of the tinnitus was still significantly reduced.